How to Keep Employees Focused During the Summer


From the warm and sunny weather to all the vacation plans, summer time can be a difficult time for employees to feel motivated to be in the office working. Since work still needs to be done, it’s essential to take steps to keep your employees on track this summer season. Keep employees focused during the… Read more »

How a Recruiter Will Help You Find Your First Job


RPC Comapny

Job searching is tough enough for seasoned professionals, but can be even more so if you’re attempting to enter the workforce for the first time. How do you get employers to give you a chance to start gaining experience when you have no work history for which they can evaluate you? Working with a recruiter… Read more »

Win the War Against Unmotivated CSRs!


Unmotivated CSR

Morale is crucial in a customer service role. Satisfied, engaged CSRs are more likely to go above and beyond and offer top notch service to customers. Unfortunately, the very nature of call centers can be counterproductive to morale, and lead to unmotivated CSRs due to the lack of flexibility in scheduling because of the need… Read more »

5 Ways to Write Better Job Descriptions to Attract Better Talent


  Job descriptions are your company’s opportunity to make a great first impression on candidates. If a job description is at all vague, difficult to read, cluttered or simply boring, top talent is likely to ignore it and not bother pursuing it. Don’t miss out on attracting qualified prospective candidates, check out these five ways… Read more »