How to Restart Your Job Search After Being Unemployed


If you’ve been out of the workforce for an extended period of time, the idea of job searching can be overwhelming. While it may be difficult, it is definitely doable as long as you approach it with a clear cut strategy and the right mindset. Restart your job search after being unemployed with these tips: … Read more »

How to Stay Organized While You’re Searching For Jobs 


Searching for a job is a major project with lots of information to keep track of, so being organized is crucial for staying on top of it all. Having a system in place allows you to feel more in control and make the process less overwhelming. Stay organized while you’re searching for jobs with these… Read more »

Don’t Let Your Job Search Be Scary!


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Looking for a new job can cause anxiety for many people, from the fear of change, being rejected, or just not succeeding. However, your job search doesn’t have to be scary if you empower yourself by taking the time to prepare a strategy. Take the fear out of your job search and feel more confident… Read more »

New Year’s Job Search Resolutions You Won’t Want to Break


  The start of the year is often a time for fresh starts, and setting resolutions can help you get the job you want by giving you specific goals to focus on. If you want to have a successful year professionally, you have to take it up a notch and go beyond just submitting your… Read more »

Better Your Odds at Getting the Job by Using These Six Tips


Getting a job isn’t just a “numbers game” where eventually the outcome will be favorable if you just stick with it long enough. While it’s true that timing and luck may play a role, the power to land a job is mainly in your hands. Better your odds at getting the job by using these… Read more »

Struggling to Land a Job? Update That LinkedIn Profile!


Update your LinkedIn profile

Like it or not, more employers are looking to social media to recruit and screen for potential candidates, particularly with LinkedIn, the social network for professional networking. Having a lackluster LinkedIn profile could hinder your job search efforts if you don’t position yourself as a viable candidate. Don’t miss out on the valuable opportunity to… Read more »