How To Answer Job Interview Questions About Going Above and Beyond


Job interviews are a way for hiring managers to separate the candidates who have the right resume qualifications and determine which one will be the most stellar employees. A common strategy hiring managers will use is to ask you about the times in which you did more than the standard requirements of your job in… Read more »

How to Be Confident in a Job Interview Without Acting Pompous


RPC Company

Confidence is key when making a positive impression on hiring managers during job interviews. After all, if you don’t appear to believe in your own abilities, why should they take a chance on hiring you for the job? However, projecting confidence can backfire if you take it too far and end up appearing arrogant –… Read more »

Why Empathy is One of the Most Important Traits to Showcase During Your Interview


Be a Compassionate Leader

Empathy refers to the act of understanding someone else’s perspective and then using it as frame of reference during interactions, rather than simply jumping to conclusions or going by your own mindset. Companies desire empathetic employees because they are typically better performers, so be prepared for your interviews with examples of how you’ve demonstrated empathy… Read more »