How to Promote Team Bonding When Your Employees Are on the Phones All Day


Work Where Your Friends Work

When a staff of employees organically develops into a team, it is greatly beneficial to overall morale. It also boosts productivity – when an employee feels like a valued team member, they are more motivated to work harder and not let the team down. When you’re managing a call center, however, coming together as a… Read more »

Want Top Call Center Talent in Dallas? You Need to Be Competitive with Compensation


Want Top Call Center Talent? You Need to Be Competitive with Compensation

As most call center managers know, not everyone is cut out to excel at call center work. Call center agents who are able to handle the workload and fast pace—while effectively solving customer needs and achieving performance goals—may prove invaluable. If you come across top call center talent, you likely won’t get them at a… Read more »

Keep Everyone on the Same Page: 3 Tips for Effective Call Documentation


Communication is key in a cell center, as the details of each particular customer interaction are essential for solving the matter as efficiently as possible. To ensure that everyone involved is on the same page, call center agents should approach note taking with strategy. Notes are not only helpful for reducing the amount of time… Read more »

Reducing After-Call Work Time


In call centers, the work doesn’t stop once the phone call is over. After-call work (ACW) is the wrap-up data input that call center agents must perform before they are available to take the next call. If ACW is too long, it not only decreases productivity, but it can also result in customers becoming dissatisfied… Read more »