Importance of Continually Training Your Call Center Staff


Training new hires is obviously a top priority, but it shouldn’t be solely reserved for the onboarding process. Ongoing training for your call center ensures your team has the knowledge and tools they need to succeed in their roles and continue to grow. Learn more about the importance of continually training your call center staff…. Read more »

Every Great Manager Needs a Great Mentor – Here’s Why


No matter what professional level one reaches, there’s always wisdom they can stand to gain from someone who has already been there. Mentoring is not just for employees starting out and trying to rise through the ranks. Managers and even CEOs benefit greatly from establishing a coaching relationship with someone who can offer insight and… Read more »

Want Top Call Center Talent in Dallas? You Need to Be Competitive with Compensation


Want Top Call Center Talent? You Need to Be Competitive with Compensation

As most call center managers know, not everyone is cut out to excel at call center work. Call center agents who are able to handle the workload and fast pace—while effectively solving customer needs and achieving performance goals—may prove invaluable. If you come across top call center talent, you likely won’t get them at a… Read more »