No matter how fiscally responsible and prepared companies try to be, there are always going to be economic conditions that are completely unexpected – as the COVID-19 pandemic clearly demonstrated with its overnight upheaval of businesses across industries. To weather the storm, consider being more flexible with your staffing and utilizing temporary employees from a staffing agency for your business needs. Learn more about the benefits of flexible staffing during times of uncertainty:  

1. Reduces Staffing Expenses  

When the future is uncertain for your company’s bottom line, expenses tend to be looked at with a very close eye in order to remain as liquid as possible. By being flexible with your staffing and bringing on short-term workers, you save on the cost of benefits, as well as not being on the hook for unemployment costs if things take a turn for the worst, and you can’t afford to keep them on.   

2. Improves Retention Rates of Regular Staff 

During times of uncertainty, employers often put a total freeze on hiring; however, this rigid approach can put significant stress on your employees, who may end up having unsustainable workloads. You can improve your regular staff’s retention rates by preventing them from getting burned out by hiring temporary employees. 

3. Prevents Making Bad Hires 

Bad hires are bad for business – they cause productivity to plummet and waste money on advertising and training for a replacement. When you work with a staffing agency to hire temporary employees, you prevent making bad hires because you don’t have to commit if an employee isn’t working out.  

4. Makes the Most of Full-Time Team 

If short-term needs pop up, rather than stretching your current team thin and increasing their workload, a temporary employee can fill in the gaps. This makes the most of your full-time team by allowing them to focus more on their core duties that are more impactful, especially if the needs in question are more administrative or labor-intensive.  

5. Provides Opportunity to Bring in Specialists  

Sometimes the need arises for a specific skill your current team doesn’t have but isn’t enough of a business need to justify adding a new position. Working with a staffing agency provides the opportunity for you to bring in specialists for projects only for as long as you need them.   

6. Gives You Peace of Mind 

Ultimately so much can be out of your control when it comes to your company’s bottom line. By limiting the number of financial commitments you make in terms of staffing, you can have peace of mind that if the worst happens, the negative effects will be mitigated.   

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  1. Chris Pederson

    Thanks for the advice to be flexible about staffing. A ton of companies assume that they can do all that on their own. In reality, it would probably be more beneficial for them if they outsourced that part.


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