Having the required skills and work history isn’t enough for hiring managers to feel confident in extending you a job offer – they also want to know that you’ll take your expertise and put it to good use if hired. A strong work ethic truly separates top talent from mediocre employees, so you must be able to give a compelling case in job interviews regarding the strength of your work ethic. Check out these five ways to demonstrate a strong work ethic during an interview: 

1. Come to the Interview Prepared  

If you don’t put in the effort to master the basics of preparing for your interview, your interviewer won’t take your claims of a strong work ethic seriously. This means dressing professionally, arriving early, having extra copies of your resume handy, and having researched the company ahead of time.  

2. Consider the Hiring Manager’s Needs 

Work ethic can mean different things depending on the nature of the job. To determine how to most effectively demonstrate your work ethic, consider the hiring manager’s needs. Review the job description for the key responsibilities and figure out what traits are most important to do a great job (i.e., is teamwork more important than autonomy?) This will form the framework for your response to be most compelling.   

3. Have Specific Examples Ready 

Once you have clarified what aspect of your work ethic, you want to highlight, consider past situations in which you showcased that in your previous jobs. Tell it as a story to make it more memorable and include specific details – however, ensure you keep it as concise as possible while still conveying your main point.   

4. Practice Your Responses 

The job interview is a preview for how you’ll be as an employee, so it’s crucial to practice your responses to the point in which you can deliver them naturally without rambling or stumbling over your words, or drawing a blank and not being detailed enough. Rehearse your key points so you can make it clear to your interviewer that you are taking the opportunity seriously enough that you’ve prepared thoroughly – a positive sign that you will do the same if hired.  

5. Ask Thoughtful Questions 

When the interviewer turns the floor over to you to ask any questions, take advantage of the opportunity to further show your work ethic. Ask thoughtful questions about the company and the job itself, such as how success is measured in the role. This indicates that you care about putting in the work to be a valuable asset, rather than just trying to land the job.  

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