Nearly 67 million U.S. residents speak a language other than English at home, according to the Center for Immigration Studies. If your company only has English speakers on staff, you could be missing out on the opportunity to more effectively serve a major population. Learn more about the benefits of hiring bilingual customer service representatives:  

1. Provides an Optimal Customer Experience 

First and foremost, the objective of customer service is to help your customers with whatever issues or questions they may have. Hiring bilingual customer service representatives ensures you are better able to provide an optimal customer experience by interacting with them in the language that is the easiest for them.  

2. Encourages Brand Affinity 

Customers who don’t speak English fluently or prefer to communicate in their native language are more likely to continue with a company that has bilingual customer service representatives. This encourages brand affinity, in which they remain loyal to your company and are willing to stick with you, even if competitors offer additional services or discounts.  

3. Increases Customer Base 

More than 21% of U.S. residents speak a language other than English at home, according to the Center for Immigration StudiesHiring bilingual customer service allows you a chance to greatly increase your customer base and serve the people who need/prefer to communicate in a language other than English.  

4. Improves Efficiency 

Having customer service representatives on staff who can communicate with customers in their native languages can speed up call time. Even if these customers speak English, it can improve efficiency if they are able to use their native language to discuss complicated matters.   

5. Gives a Competitive Edge 

It’s pretty simple: if a customer who doesn’t prefer or can’t speak English has to choose between what company gets their business, it’s highly likely they will go with the one who has someone who can communicate with them in their language. Hiring customer service representatives who are bilingual therefore gives your company a competitive edge.  

6. Demonstrates Commitment to Inclusivity 

If one of your company’s core values is inclusivity, hiring on customer service representatives who speak more than one language shows your company is more than just talk. It demonstrates your commitment to inclusivity, which can also make customers who only speak English view your company in a more positive manner. Even though they won’t even need to utilize a bilingual speaker, they’ll simply appreciate that your company takes action.   

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