Workplace safety is challenging enough to maintain in a group setting, but field service technicians are generally working offsite in potentially dangerous situations. Since you can’t directly supervise your field service technicians, it’s crucial to do as much as possible to equip them to work safely of their own accord. Protect your field service technicians from hazards with these tips:  

Communicate the Message of “Safety First” 

Highlight safety issues prominently in your training for field service technicians. Don’t be general or vague – provide likely scenarios they could experience out on the job and what protocol they should follow to protect themselves. New hire onboarding is essential, but don’t limit training to that. To communicate the message of “safety first,” offer occasional training sessions to serve as refreshers.   

Have Technicians Work in Pairs, if Possible 

The core reason that puts field service technicians at risk when they’re off-site is that they often are working alone and won’t have anyone to assist them in the event of an accident. Keep your workers safe by having technicians work in pairs if possible. This will allow for one person to be able to help or call for assistance. 

Provide Necessary Safety Equipment  

Give your field service technicians what they need to be safe and protected. Thoroughly review worksite assessments ahead of time to determine the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) for the job and let the employee know. Provide goggles, face shields, masks, coveralls, gloves, hard hats, etc. Make sure all PPE is checked ahead of time to ensure functionality and a proper fit for the field service technician. 

Utilize Technology  

Take full advantage of the tracking capabilities of mobile phones when your field service technicians are working off-site. Require employees to carry GPS-enabled phones with them so you’re able to see their whereabouts and know their location in the event of an accident. Consider investing in a specialized app for field service technicians. These apps tend to have features that can update you in real-time of your workers’ locations, timers to indicate when an employee has started and stopped a job with notifications to you if they aren’t heard from in a while, and more.   

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