Working in customer service can be greatly rewarding since you get to help people. Focusing on honing your customer service skills can not only increase customer satisfaction, but also make your interactions run more seamlessly and with less stress. Provide exceptional customer service by following these best practices:

Validate Their Feelings Through Empathy

In order to best serve your customers, you must aim to understand their perspectives. Validate their feelings through empathy by acknowledging what they’re going through. A simple, “I understand why that could be frustrating” will make your customers feel heard and respected.  

Prioritize Active Listening 

Unsatisfactory customer service can often be traced to not listening carefully enough, which can cause miscommunication. Prioritize active listening so you don’t miss any crucial details and can best help your customer. Listen, then repeat back what they say, and ask them if that’s accurate.  

Offer Regular Updates 

Keep your customers in the loop when you’re resolving their issues, especially for ones that are more difficult or time-consuming. Offer regular updates so they know the status of the resolution. For example, don’t just put them on hold, but tell them what exactly you will be doing while they’re on hold. 

Take Accountability  

If an error was made by the company or you yourself, don’t gloss over it or try to make excuses. Instead, take accountability and own up to it and offer an apology. Your customers will respect your integrity and feel more satisfied with the interaction. 

Commit to a Positive Demeanor 

Be intentional in setting the tone of the conversation with your customer. Commit to a positive demeanor – smile when you talk, and aim to be upbeat in your responses. This can improve otherwise mediocre interactions and reduce the tension for angry customers. 

Verify You Are Meeting Their Needs 

Go above and beyond with your customers to ensure they are completely satisfied. Don’t assume you have resolved their issue, but instead verify you are meeting their needs. Always ask if there is anything else you can do to help. This makes it clear to customers that you care about providing exceptional service, not just hurrying up to get it done.  

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