To make the most of your job search, tailoring your resume, cover letter, and interview responses to the specific employer is essential. Researching the company ahead of time allows you to understand not only what the job itself would entail, but can give you an idea of its core values, mission, and any specific ways you could use your skills to contribute. Be a detective when it comes to company research with these tips: 

1. Review Their Website  

Your first source for learning about a company should be their website. Review their About Us section, which is usually where they state their history, values, mission, and other relevant details. Check the site for any employee or customer testimonials to see what they have to say about the company. Finally, if there is a news or press section, read up on the company’s latest accomplishments.  

2. Head to Social Media  

A company’s social media often is a wealth of information about them. Head over to their LinkedIn company page to see their latest updates. This also gives you the opportunity to view company stats and current employees – you may even be able to find the hiring manager’s profile and learn about them. If the company is on any other social media channels, be sure to check those out as well.  

3. Check Outside Sources 

Information an employer provides about itself is obviously going to be curated in order to present themselves in the best light and according to the brand and perception for which they are trying to build. To get more well-rounded research, check outside sources. See how previous employees rate them on employer review sites like Glassdoor, check out their Google reviews, and whatever else you can find about them online from outside sources. 

4. Ask Your Network 

The best information is most likely to come from personal conversations with individuals who know about the company. Ask your network if any of them have experience with the company or know someone who has. They may be able to give you insider knowledge about what the hiring manager is like, the type of company culture, interview process, and more.  

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