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Job searching can be so challenging to navigate since you don’t have any definitive way of knowing why you didn’t land a job you interviewed for, let alone why you weren’t contacted in the first place after applying. However, there are some common reasons hiring managers put applications into the “No” pile and awareness is the first step to improving your strategy. Learn more about why you’re not hearing back after submitting job applications.

    • Lack of Basic Qualifications

While it’s acceptable to apply for a job in which you don’t meet every single requirement, if you lack the most basic qualifications, you won’t hear back from hiring managers. Don’t quickly scan job postings and think, “Oh, I could probably do that” and then apply. Instead, focus your effort on only applying to the job openings in which you meet the bulk of the basic qualifications to increase your chances of hearing back.

    • Poor Resume

If you’re not hearing back after applying for jobs in which you are qualified, your resume may be the culprit. Evaluate both the content and appearance of your resume to see what improvements could be made. Review it for any typos and correct those immediately. When listing your previous job duties, remove any subjective buzzwords (i.e., “hardworking” or “team player”) and instead, list examples that show, rather than tell. And even if the content is great, you could still be getting looked over if your resume is unappealing to the eye. Format it to include white space, such as breaking up blocks of text with bullet points and line breaks.

    • Lack of Following Directions

Job listings often have specific directions for applying, such as “no phone calls”, “send an email with subject line XYZ”, “must have work samples”, etc. If you’re applying to jobs without carefully reviewing any application instructions, that may be an automatic rejection due to lack of following directions – even if you’re otherwise qualified. Hiring managers may think if you’re unable to follow directions at a time in which you should be trying to make the best impression possible, it would likely be an issue if you’re hired and get more comfortable.

    • Generic Application

Even similar jobs may have different duties, so if you apply with the same resume each time without tailoring it to the specific job, you’re unlikely to hear back because you didn’t adequately highlight the most important qualifications. Before you apply for a job, review the description to determine the top requirements, and then rearrange your resume to highlight those qualifications prominently and downplay the less relevant ones near the bottom, if at all.

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