Millennials, or the generation born in the 1980s to the mid-1990s, are now well-established in the workplace, so it’s time to focus on the newest age group entering the workforce: Generation Z. Commonly referred to as simply Gen Z, they were born between 1997 and 2012, meaning the oldest ones are now entry-level workers. And just like Millennials had common attributes and differences from the generation before them, Baby Boomers, Gen Z has its own unique background and workstyle preferences. Learn more about the best practices for managing Gen Z:

    • Autonomy and Ownership

A common characteristic of Gen Z is the desire for autonomy and ownership of their work. They don’t want to simply be told to follow orders – they want to make their own decisions on when and how to achieve the desired results. To effectively manage and motivate Gen Z workers, be more hands-off in how you manage and let them be accountable for their work and the outcomes.

    • Flexibility and Work-Life Balance

Flexibility and work-life balance are crucial in attracting and retaining Gen Z talent. Considering how Gen Z came of age during a time of economic turmoil, it makes sense they are generally unwilling to be overworked – they may have witnessed adults in their lives losing their jobs, even after being devoted, hardworking employees. Demonstrate that you respect their personal lives outside of work by encouraging taking breaks and time off, and you are likely to be rewarded with engaged workers.

    • Regular Feedback

Gen Z is truly digital natives, who have never known a life without the internet. They are used to researching and getting information quickly, so their expectations for regular feedback are high. To get the most out of your Gen Z workers, prioritize consistent face-to-face interactions where you offer timely and clear feedback.

    • Learning Style

To effectively train your Gen Z employees, apples to their preferred learning style. Unlike older generations who may have historically preferred a group setting and lecture-style training, Gen Z grew up with schooling that was more self-directed and focused on microlearning, with online interactive small units. They may retain information and gain new skills better if you utilize lessons that cover specific topics and allow them to learn at their own pace.

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