Whether you want to change jobs or completely switch careers, transferable skills are the key to getting hired. These are the types of skills that are universally relevant in the workplace, regardless of job title or industry. Check out in-demand transferrable skills and how to show them off effectively on a resume:


Examples of Transferable Skills:

    • Communication – expressing yourself clearly and effectively verbally and through writing
    • Interpersonal – emotional intelligence and being able to get along with other people
    • Administrative – organizational and time management skills
    • Leadership – managing other people or taking control of a project from planning to implementation
    • Problem Solving – analyzing situations and developing resolutions for challenges
    • Adaptability – being open-minded to accepting changes, such as new ways of doing things and learning new skills


How to Show Off Transferable Skills on a Resume:

  • Analyze the Posting

Carefully review the job posting to gain clarity on what types of transferable skills would be the most relevant to the job posting and what you should highlight on your resume. For each job duty, ask yourself what the hiring manager would be looking for in an employee to complete it successfully. Then, brainstorm past work experiences in which you had to exhibit those same skills, but in a different setting.


  • Use the Same Language

When you’re showing off transferable skills on your resume, it’s essential to amplify the commonalities of your previous work history with the job for which you’re applying, so it’s clear at a glance that you have the fundamental requirements for the role – even if it’s from a seemingly unrelated background. Use the same language from the job posting as you list your previous responsibilities, and downplay any industry-specific jargon.


  • Demonstrate Accomplishments

For any job you apply to, demonstrating your accomplishments is crucial, but it’s especially important when you’re focusing mainly on transferable skills as opposed to directly applicable experience. If you’re trying to get hiring managers to take a chance on you, highlight any accomplishments (ideally with objective metrics, such as rankings or percentages) that show you have historically been a top performer. Even if your accolades are not precisely related to the job you’re applying to, any achievements you list will communicate to the hiring manager that you’re a hard worker who will go above and beyond to be an asset to their team.

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