Business expertise and strategy is crucial to being a successful leader, but soft skills are just as important. Soft skills are the personal traits that contribute to working well with others and being an asset to an organization, but which are most important for leadership? Learn more about the seven soft skills every leader should have:

      1. Honesty

You must be trustworthy enough to responsibly handle the authority that comes with being a leader. Integrity should be the foundation of your core values as a leader – if anyone discovers you lack transparency, they will no longer respect or want to work for you.

      1. Communication

Leaders have to deliver all sorts of messages, from new initiatives to process changes to company performance updates, to a wide variety of audiences. The ability to communicate effectively in both writing and verbally is crucial.

      1. Listening

Many leaders are great at talking, but the best ones are also great at listening. Giving others your undivided attention, practicing empathy, and considering their perspectives allows you to gain valuable insight and form trustworthy relationships.

      1. Adaptability

For companies to remain successful, they must have leadership that is able to keep pace with changing trends and demands. Being adaptable and willing to explore new ideas and not being trapped in the mindset of only “doing what we’ve always done” will promote a culture of innovation.

      1. Creativity

From problem-solving to brainstorming new products or services, coming up with new ideas is a way to keep your business strategy fresh. Promoting creativity across all departments is a major soft skill for leaders to be effective.

      1. Self-Awareness

The key to continued success is a consistent focus on growth and improvement. Self-awareness, in which you can look objectively into your own thought patterns and actions and evaluate what needs changing, is what sets mediocre leaders apart from excellent ones.

      1. Teamwork

Even if you hold the most seniority, as a leader, you’re still part of a team. The ability to collaborate and work well with others is essential to building engagement among employees and encouraging their development and performances.

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