As veterans return from active duty and reenter the workforce, they often have to struggle with unemployment or underemployment, as their responsibilities in the military don’t necessarily appear to first glance to be relevant to many employers. However, if you don’t consider hiring veterans, you could be missing out – learn more about the traits that make veterans the best employees:

    1. Detail-Oriented

During their time in the armed forces, attention to detail was crucial as any oversights or mistakes could be life-threatening. If you hire veterans, you can feel confident that they will be detail-oriented, as they are experienced in listening carefully, committing fully, and not letting tasks slip through the cracks.

    1. Strong Work Ethic

There is nothing physically, mentally, or emotionally easy about serving in the military. Veterans generally went into the military with an instilled work ethic, which only gets stronger throughout their time in boot camp and service itself. Employees who are also veterans are unlikely to be lazy or do the bare minimum their job requires, so you won’t have to worry about how to motivate them to go above and beyond.

    1. Team Players

Collaboration is essential in the workplace, but even highly talented individual contributors are not always skilled at working as part of a team. Veterans, however, tend to be dedicated team players since they built up a sense of loyalty and commitment to playing their part in the greater good during their time in the armed forces. They have experience dealing with different personality types and handling conflicts, and ultimately putting aside issues to get the mission or job completed.

    1. Work Well Under Stress

No matter how fast-paced your work environment may be, it’s safe to assume that it pales in comparison to what military service members have experienced. A major benefit to hiring veterans is that they have demonstrated experience of working well under stress and are unlikely to get flustered easily.

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