When you’re up for a job and competing against other candidates with similar skills and work experience, standing out to hiring managers can be a challenge, especially since you’re most likely all being asked the same questions. Prevent getting lost in the shuffle with all of the other candidates – check out these three ways to ensure your interviewer remembers you:

  1. Establish Rapport

The default setup for job interviews is often candidates passively waiting for the interview to ask them questions. However, if you want to stand out, switch it up, and become an active participant in the interaction. Establish rapport with the interviewer:

    • Smile and warmly introduce yourself
    • Match their energy levels, mannerisms, and overall tone – for example, if the interviewer is upbeat, take it up a notch, and act less reserved than you would for a more formal interviewer.
    • Ask questions throughout the interview as they naturally occur to you (as long as it doesn’t disrupt the flow of the conversation), especially regarding the interviewer’s experience with the company.

Candidates who establish rapport are seen as more likable and, thus, more memorable.

  1. Tell Stories

Your resume may look very similar to other candidates, but your particular experiences are personal to you. Set yourself apart from other candidates by telling stories within your responses. Give specific examples from the past to boost your answers. For example, if you’re asked about how well you work in a team, tell a story about a time that you successfully collaborated with colleagues. Detailed stories will leave a longer-lasting impression on your interviewer than broad responses.

  1. Communicate Your Value

A common mistake candidates make in job interviews is to focus too much on themselves and not enough on the hiring manager’s needs. You want to highlight your qualifications and positive traits, as well as show enthusiasm for the opportunity, but the main objective isn’t to “win” the job – it’s to add value to the company. The goal of your interview responses should be to communicate how you would be an asset to the hiring manager. Keep their perspective top of mind as you answer questions, and you’ll be memorable for all the right reasons.

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