Bosses don’t just hand out additional responsibility as a reward – you have to take the initiative and make it clear that you have earned it. Being skilled at your current role doesn’t necessarily mean that you will succeed at a higher level. Show your boss you’re ready for a promotion with these tips:

  • Be Proactive

If you want to start getting your boss’s attention for a promotion, start by being proactive. Volunteer for tasks, develop solutions to issues and brainstorm new ideas to demonstrate you care about your performance and will gladly go beyond the bare minimum. Ultimately, if you can take concrete actions to make your boss’s job easier, you’ll be top of mind for promotion opportunities.

  • Take Pride in Your Work

No matter what task you complete, put forth the effort into performing it as well as possible. Taking pride in your current work is indicative that you’re an engaged employee who would likely continue to do well in a higher-level position.

  • Compile Metrics and Achievements

If you want to make the most compelling case to your boss that you’re ready for a promotion, objective results are key. Compile metrics and achievements, such as any numbers (i.e., percentages or other key performance indicators, like “reduced average call time by 20%”) or documented positive feedback from customers or other leadership and colleagues. Sharing these with your boss periodically will make it clear you are prepared for the next step.

  • Ace the Interpersonal Aspect

The higher you climb up the professional ladder, the more interpersonal matters you will be handling. Getting a promotion isn’t just about being able to perform your work tasks at a top-level, you must demonstrate that you can get along well with others. Avoid getting involved in any office gossip or conflicts, and make it a priority to involve yourself in workplace social engagements to get to know others.

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