Prioritizing the health and wellness of your employees has many benefits for your organization, including reduced absenteeism, lowered healthcare costs, increased productivity, and improved morale. However, even the best-intentioned health and wellness plan may not necessarily be effective for your employees. Check out these tips to promote health and wellness this year:

  • Support Health Through Company Policies

Corporate health and wellness programs are all well and good, but they aren’t enough if your company’s policies are undermining them. Among the best actions, you can take to support your employees’ wellbeing is to prevent excessive stress and burnout. Ensure your company policies allow for adequate work-life balance.

  • Model a Positive Example

If you want employee participation for your health and wellness initiatives, your leadership team needs to get involved.  Model a positive example by not only saying good things about it and encouraging your employees to take part but also doing so yourself.

  • Give Employees a Voice

The key to a successful health and wellness program with high participation levels from employees is to ensure it includes options that are appealing to them. Rather than telling them what is available and expecting them to be on board immediately, include them throughout the process. Ask for their feedback on what they would find useful in a program, as well as throughout the campaign to measure its effectiveness.

  • Go Beyond Physical Health

So many corporate health and wellness plans only focus on healthy eating, exercise, weight loss, and other aspects of physical health, but employees’ well-being includes more than that. Go beyond physical health as you develop your initiatives – include resources for emotional and mental health as well. Examples include mental health benefits, educational information on mental health conditions, and tips for meditation and mindfulness.

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