Interviewing candidates should be a strategic process from start to finish. Closing an interview tends just to be a matter of asking the candidate if they have any questions and then moving on. However, you could be missing out on the valuable opportunity to evaluate their qualifications further and gauge their continued interest if you don’t have specific questions intended to conclude the interview.  Use these questions to wrap up an interview:

Is there anything else you would like me to know about your qualifications that we didn’t have a chance to cover?

Ensure you are gathering as much relevant information about the candidate as possible before ending the interview. Allow them to fill in any gaps or otherwise communicate a topic that didn’t come up during the interview questions.

Have I given you all the information you need?

The last scenario you want to happen is to make a decision and extend an offer to a candidate, only to have them accept it, start, and turn over quickly. Prevent bad hires by making sure candidates get all of the information they need from you to make an informed decision.

After learning more about the job, do you still feel it’s a good fit for you?

Streamline your decision-making process by assessing candidates’ continued enthusiasm for the role as you wrap up the interview. Once you’ve answered their questions and they’ve learned more about the realities of the job, they may likely either still really want it – or know they don’t. This can help you avoid going through the decision-making process only to get your offer turned down because your top choice learned through the interview that it wasn’t a good fit for them.

Will our expected timeline work for you?

Bring the interview to a close-by communicating the expected timeline for the decision-making process (i.e., “You should hear from us in a week”) to ensure you and the candidate are both on the same page. This is respectful of their time and sets expectations, so they aren’t following up too soon or often. Plus, it also gives the candidate the chance to let you know if they are weighing other offers, so you can expedite the process if needed if you don’t want to lose them.

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