The beginning of a new year is seen as a fresh start personally, but it also is professionally – it brings new hiring budgets, along with retirements and resignations that require finding replacements. Get your hiring off to a successful start by reevaluating what you’ve previously done and seeing if there is room for improvement or outright change. Ensure your hiring strategy is ready for 2020 with these tips: 

Improve Your Job Descriptions 

Compelling job descriptions are arguably the most crucial aspect of the recruitment process. Strategically crafted job descriptions that are both informative about the realities of the job (including tasks, company culture, and traits needed for success) and what it’s like to work at your company will draw in the right candidates and deter the ones that aren’t a good fit. If you’re advertising job openings using the same descriptions from previous years, it’s time to review them to see if they could be more effective at conveying not only requirements but strengthening your employer branding as well.  

Clean House of Arbitrary Requirements 

The job market has significantly improved for candidates, especially ones with in-demand skills in which employers are facing shortages. This means that you may need to be less rigid on what you’re looking for in candidates. Take a look at your current requirements for candidates and prioritize them by what’s non-negotiable and what is a “nice to have, but not necessary.” Remove any arbitrary requirements (i.e., a specific degree or an exact number of years of experience) and focus just on your non-negotiable ones to increase your candidate pool in 2020.  

Prepare for Upskill Training 

The combination of the job market being favorable to candidates and the influx of in-demand skills that may not have even existed in recent years due to advances in technology means that upskill training will be needed for employees, both new hires and seasoned workers, to keep your business relevant in these changing times. A foundation of your hiring strategy in 2020 should be to prepare for upskill training by selecting candidates based on their coachability and enthusiasm for learning and growing within the role as it evolves.  

Find Ways to Appeal with Perks 

To remain competitive and land top talent now is the time to look at just how appealing your perks truly are and if there is room for improvement. Beyond the standard benefits package, think of what your organization could offer candidates that your competitors (even those with higher salary budgets) may not be willing to, such as additional time off, freedom to work from home, a more casual dress code, allocated time for pursuing projects they find of interest, etc.  

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