There is a misconception that no employers hire in December, which leads many job seekers to put their search on hold until after the New Year. Although many hiring managers and other influential decision-makers indeed take time off during December, there is still work to be done – including hiring. The myth that December is the worst time for hiring is actually what makes it an ideal time. Find out more about why December is the best time to get a new job:

More Networking Opportunities

‘Tis the season for social events in December. These various holiday-related celebrations and activities also mean more networking opportunities. As you mingle with others and they ask what you’re up to, mention that you’re currently looking for a new job. You never know who may be able to provide you a job lead or introduce you to someone influential.

Less Competition

Since so many job seekers buy into the misconception that no one is hiring, they often put a freeze on their job searches. This means there is less competition for the available jobs, so you will have a much better chance of standing out and getting noticed.

Larger Hiring Budget

For many companies, their fiscal years end in December, and they may have hiring budgets that if they don’t use, they lose. They may also have new budgets that will be available for January hiring – which means they will want to start the search for candidates in December. Either way, many companies will have a larger hiring budget to work in December, making it an ideal time to ramp up your job search.

More Exiting Employees

Many employees put in their resignation in December, whether it’s to retire or start a new opportunity in the New Year after taking time to enjoy time off for the holidays. Since these jobs will need replacements, hiring managers can’t afford to take the month of December off from recruiting candidates.

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