When you have a workload that shows no signs of slowing down, it seems logical that the best way to tackle it is to work harder and longer, but that method is likely to backfire. Scheduling in regular breaks can make your team better equipped to succeed. Learn more about the benefits of allowing your team to take breaks during the day:

 Increased Productivity

Making it a priority to ensure your employees take their allotted breaks is crucial for productivity. Their brains can only operate at the maximum level for so long before mental fatigue sets in. Taking a break allows them to refresh their minds, so they can return with more energy to tackle their tasks.

Decreased Chance of Mistakes

The longer your employees try to push through without taking breaks, the more their ability to focus diminishes. By having them take breaks, you will decrease the chance of mistakes that occur because of mental and physical strain. Fewer errors save on the time necessary to remedy them, which likely takes much longer and causes more stress than merely letting your employees take planned breaks.

Improved Health

Being overworked will take its toll on your employees eventually, and the stress could lead to physical, mental, and emotional health issues. Not only does poor employee health cost the company money in terms of health insurance costs, but it also leads to increased employee absences. Encouraging breaks keep your employees healthy, which in turn makes them more engaged and productive.

Higher Morale

Being the manager that doesn’t allow breaks doesn’t exactly contribute to positive company culture – in fact, it makes employees more distrustful of leadership, more cynical, and less likely to want to do more than the bare minimum. Having your employees take breaks, however, improves morale and makes employees more satisfied with their jobs and less likely to turn over.

Lower Risk of Burnout

Employees are people, not machines. It is not reasonable to expect them to work without breaks indefinitely with no consequences. Eventually, even the most ambitious workers will reach the point of burnout, in which they no longer care about their jobs. Allowing for regular breaks significantly lowers the risk of employee burnout, enabling you to retain your top talent and continue reaping the benefits of their high performances.

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