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Job interviews are a way for hiring managers to separate the candidates who have the right resume qualifications and determine which one will be the most stellar employees. A common strategy hiring managers will use is to ask you about the times in which you did more than the standard requirements of your job in order to accomplish a key task or help someone. Learn more about to answer job interview questions about going above and beyond:

Pick an Example Relevant to the Job

As you prepare for your interview, review the job description to determine what skills or traits are the most important for a particular role. Then, brainstorm to think of times in the past that you have put in the extra effort that is the most relevant to this current job. For example, if you’re interviewing for a customer service role, pick an example of when you helped a customer/client/colleague rather than something more technically focused.

Detail a Specific Story

Avoid being vague as you answer job interview questions about going above and beyond. Specific stories are much more compelling, sincere, and memorable than broad responses. Once you know what type of skill you want to highlight, tell a detailed story that conveys what actions you took beyond the normal scope of your position, what would have happened if you didn’t, and how it benefited others.

Highlight Your Internal Motivation

Don’t just discuss what you’ve done to go above and beyond the requirements of your job, but also why you did it. For example: Do you find it rewarding to help others? Do you love a challenge and solving a problem? Do you feel accountable to contribute to your team and not let your coworkers down? Highlight your internal motivation for deciding to strive to excel and over-deliver to show the interviewer your best traits that make you a top performer.

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