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When a staff of employees organically develops into a team, it is greatly beneficial to overall morale. It also boosts productivity – when an employee feels like a valued team member, they are more motivated to work harder and not let the team down. When you’re managing a call center, however, coming together as a team can be challenging since there’s not much personal interaction or downtime; however, it’s certainly doable with some strategic effort. Promote team bonding when your employees are on the phones all day with these ideas:

Host Team Lunches

If your call center team can’t interact much during working hours, facilitate team bonding by hosting catered lunches occasionally. Even if you have to stagger lunch breaks, it will still provide the opportunity for your employees to socialize in a group setting while also getting to enjoy a free meal.

Establish Digital Communication Channels

Workplace relationships are built gradually through repeated, small interactions. Although the structure of the call center environment prevents those quick, casual chats throughout the day that help create team bonding, you can promote an alternative: a digital communication channel intended (and encouraged) for socializing. A team Slack channel or an instant messaging group chat can be a fun way for your call center team to share anecdotes throughout the day and allow conversations to flow, even if it’s not in real-time.

Plan Social Activities

Since constantly being on the phone isn’t exactly conducive to team bonding, consider going off-site every so often. Plan social activities, such as group tickets to an evening sporting event; trivia night at a restaurant; or whatever would be particularly appealing for your employees.

Implement Gamification

Promote team bonding by having your call center employees quite literally act as teammates by gamifying your workplace and having them work together toward prizes. Implementing gamification could be a simple, performance-based option, like dividing into teams and earning points based upon cumulative key performance indicators (KPIs). You could also do something more lighthearted, such as call center team Bingo cards with various actions (i.e., “spoke to another department” or “customer used my first name”).

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