The most successful job seekers are the ones who take action and approach their search with strategy.  If you want to land a job, you can’t just passively submit applications and hope for the best. With so many other job seekers competing for open positions, taking the time to be intentional and efficient with your job search can help you stand out from the rest. Check out these five ways to optimize your job search efforts:


  1. Target Specific Companies

Rather than waiting for open positions to be posted on a general job board, take the initiative and target specific companies instead. You’ll face less competition and get noticed more quickly because you’ll be more focused and prepared. Narrow down some companies at which you would be interested in working, research to learn about what they do and their mission/values, and regularly view their careers webpage and/or LinkedIn for postings.


  1. Tailor Your Application Materials Each Time

Submitting the same resume for every job can cost you the chance to represent yourself as the best candidate possible. Strategically tailor your application materials to best showcase your qualifications:


  • Review the job description, identify the most commonly used words and phrases, and craft your resume and cover letter to include them.
  • Reorder your resume bullets to highlight your skills that are most relevant to the position.


  1. Get in Touch with Previous Contacts

Give yourself an edge over the competition in your job search by reaching out to your professional network. Your contacts may be able to help, whether it’s putting you in touch directly with a hiring manager or offering leads for open positions. Although networking tends to be put off as something to do “whenever you have extra time,” setting aside time for networking is just as valuable as looking for posted jobs and should be treated as an equally high priority.


  1. Establish a Consistent Schedule

For your job search to be successful, it must be consistent. Landing a job is often a matter of timing, so if you wait until you’re super motivated or have huge chunks of time to devote, you may miss out on jobs that have been posted and filled in the time you waited. To always be prepared to immediately apply when jobs become available, establish a consistent schedule for your job search routine. Devote specific chunks of time for activities such as searching, updating your resume, applying, reaching out to contacts, practicing your interview skills, etc.


  1. Work with a Staffing Company

Optimize your job search by reaching out to an expert resource for support: a staffing company. Working with a staffing company can save you time and improve your chances because you will gain access to opportunities unlisted elsewhere, facing less competition. They can also provide you with valuable advice on how to market yourself most effectively to hiring managers.


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