Making a positive impression during your job interview isn’t just about how you answer the questions from the hiring manager – the quality of the questions you ask matters too. Relevant, thoughtful questions demonstrate your professionalism and level of enthusiasm for the opportunity. Ensure you are asking the appropriate questions in your interview by considering these topics:


  1. The Day-to-Day Realities of the Job

You want to gain a full understanding of what the job would truly be like to determine if it’s a role that would be the right fit for you. Employers appreciate this too because they know if you end up being selected and accepting their offer, you’ll be more likely to be a successful long-term fit.

Example question: “What is a typical workday like in this role?”


  1. Opportunities for Growth

Inquiring about how the employer approaches professional development makes it clear that you are ambitious and hard-working – but it can also tell you a lot about what it would be like to work there. Opportunities for growth can be a major factor in job satisfaction, because you know you have a path for future advancement and aren’t stuck in a dead-end job.

Example question: “What types of training and opportunities for advancement does the company offer?”


  1. How Success is Measured

Understanding how your boss will evaluate your performance can give insight into their management style (i.e., if they provide clear expectations or are intentional offering feedback).  Plus, it shows the hiring manager you care about being a top performer and are open to constructive feedback.

Example question: “What did the most successful predecessors in this role do that set them apart?”


  1. Workplace Culture

The hires that work out the best aren’t necessarily the ones with the most impressive qualifications – it’s often a matter of them aligning with the workplace culture. It’s mutually beneficial for the candidate to have an authentic idea of what it would really be like to work there and if they would fit with the culture because it prevents turnover for the employer.

Example question: “How would you describe the work environment?”


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