Recruiting top talent is time-consuming, but ideally the investment should pay off by their added long-term value to your organization. If you are having difficulty getting these top performers to stay committed, it can negatively impact productivity and cost you time and money to find and train a replacement. While some turnover is normal and a part of doing business, you do have the power to prevent losing your best workers due to issues that could be easily fixed. Better retain your top employees with these tips!


  1. Offer Compelling Compensation and Perks

Top talent is in high demand, so ensure you are paying them according to market value. Beyond salary though, consider what other perks you could offer to make their overall compensation difficult to pass up. For example, a flexible schedule, options to work remotely, or even a casual dress code are valuable enough to employees that they would think twice about leaving (even for more money!)


  1. Cultivate a Positive Workplace Culture

Employees spend a significant portion of their days in the workplace, so put in the effort to make it an environment they can feel welcomed in. Cultivate a positive workplace culture – show personal interest in your employees, encourage socialization among colleagues, and swiftly deal with any negative or toxic behavior to demonstrate it will not be tolerated.


  1. Focus on Management Fundamentals

An employee’s relationship with their manager is often a make-or-break factor in changing jobs. To keep your best workers, focus on the fundamentals of being a great manager. Set clear expectations, provide specific feedback, avoid micromanaging, show that you trust in your employees’ abilities, and recognize and appreciate their efforts.


  1. Encourage Their Professional Development

The very same ambition that makes an employee a top performer for your organization is also what may cause them to leave. Show that you care about their growth by encouraging their professional development. Ask about their overall career goals and give them opportunities to gain experience or hone skills they need to make progress, so they know that staying with the company is not a dead-end for their career.


  1. Solicit Their Feedback

Often you may not realize an employee is dissatisfied until they are turning in their resignations. Be more proactive in checking in with your team so you can learn about sources of frustration before they start job searching. Solicit their feedback on a regular basis, such as a recurring meeting, so you can learn about and address issues before it’s too late.


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