Being an effective manager isn’t just about overseeing your employees’ performance and accompanying results  it also requires dealing with the more interpersonal factors that contribute to a functional team environment. One common issue that can have a major impact if not handled swiftly is an employee who exhibits a negative attitude on a regular basis. Not only does this bring down morale and collaboration for the rest of the workplace, it’s simply unprofessional and can make you question their commitment and integrity. Learn more with these four tips for managing a really negative employee, so they don’t drag your team down.  

    • Consider Their Perspective

Don’t make assumptions about the employee’s negative attitude. There may be a perfectly reasonable explanation behind it, such as extenuating personal circumstances that impact their mood, or they could even potentially be justified in their dissatisfaction (even if their delivery could be improved). Keep an open mind and aim to learn more about for their perspective. Ask questions about why they feel that way, rather than just automatically labeling them as a problem. Once you know more, you may be able to address solutions that fix their negativity.   

    • Model Positive Behavior

Ensure you are not contributing to the negative vibe in the office and inadvertently encouraging the employee’s attitude. Set a good example in your reactions to stressful or otherwise not ideal issues in the workplace. By seeing you modeling positive behavior, the employee will be more likely to realize they need to tone down the negativity.   

    • Provide Constructive Feedback

To best help your employee tone down their negativity, don’t address the issue in an off-handed manner. Provide constructive feedback so they can truly understand how they are coming across, why it is a problem, what changes need to be made, and any potential consequences for not improving. Be prepared – observe and note specific examples of times in which they are overly negative, so they can truly grasp it, rather than just telling them they have a general pattern, which may be too vague.   

    • Set Firm Limits

Don’t let a negative employee go unchecked. If they continue to exhibit the same attitude, even after you’ve talked to them about it, you may need to ultimately let them go, for the sake of your other employees and the overall productivity of the workplace. Set firm limits on how much time you will give them to improve and to what standards before they need to be on a performance improvement plan and/or officially fired. Be prepared to stick to it, otherwise it can be tempting to continue to put it off indefinitely or keep giving chance after chance.    

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