Micromanaging has so many negative impacts: on productivity, morale, and retention, just to name a few. And yet, it is one of the most common issues managers struggle with, and many times they are not aware of it. Learn more about the signs of being a micromanager, and if you’re guilty of it, how you can stop:


  1. You Spend a Lot of Time on Lower Level Tasks

How to stop: Clarify top priorities

It’s easy to get into the mindset of “this is so easy, it’ll be quicker if I just do it myself” but those small tasks can add up. Prevent spending time on the lower level tasks that your team should be handling by setting your top priorities each day. Narrow down your most important tasks and commit to spending the bulk of your time on those. If you catch yourself trying to tackle lower level tasks, you’ll be able to remind yourself they don’t fit into your main priorities.


  1. Workflow is Slow

How to stop: set clear expectations

If your employees’ projects and tasks tend to get held up because you require they get your approval every step of the way, productivity will suffer. It’s understandable that you’re invested in ensuring your team performs to a high standard since it reflects on you as a manager. However, you can still get the desired outcome without bottlenecking the workflow process with constant check-ins along the way by setting clear expectations upfront. Communicate what results want to see from your employees’ work and in what timeframe. Once you see they are producing results according to your expectations, you can feel more confident stepping away a bit from the process.


  1. You Keep Losing Top Talent

How to stop: trust your team

Your best performers are usually driven to succeed, have strong work ethic, and the results to show for their effort. Since they have the demonstrated proof they are skilled and productive, they will generally find micromanaging frustrating, if not outright insulting and won’t hesitate to leave. Overcome any anxieties about not being in control at every step, and trust your team will rise to the occasion. The more you learn to trust them, the easier it will be to pull back from micromanaging and retain your top talent.


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