Technology has made the business world move at a faster pace than ever, making it essential for employees to be able to handle a variety of projects or tasks. While some productivity experts claim that multitasking may not be as effective as once thought, for many industries it simply isn’t an option to fully complete one task before moving onto the next – urgent emails need replies, customer phone calls must be answered, orders must be placed, etc.

Keep your business objectives on track by finding employees who are best equipped for the challenge with these five traits to look for in a good “multitasker:”


The candidates best at multitasking are the ones who have the ambition to be as productive and accomplish as much as possible. They are not simply going through the motions or trying to stay afloat – these workers will handle multiple tasks in a way to generate results.


Juggling multiple tasks can make it tempting to get sidetracked by additional, but less important tasks. Candidates who are good at multitasking means that are able to maintain focus and discipline enough not to give into temptation to partake in distractions, such as chatting with co-workers or checking their social media, while handling work tasks.

Ability to Prioritize

The most effective multitaskers are able to differentiate between the most important tasks rather than getting bogged down with busywork. Instead of getting the highest number of tasks done, they know how to identity and then accomplish the duties that will yield the maximum results.

Problem Solver

Dealing with competing priorities is bound to come with setbacks or outright mistakes at times. A good multitasker is one who can approach these instances as challenges and determine how to overcome them in the future. This prevents them from shutting down from fear or stress.


The power of enthusiasm shouldn’t be underestimated. A multitasker with a positive attitude, who is open to working on whatever comes their way, is not only productive, but can also improve the overall morale of the workers around them – making everyone a better multitasker.

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