It can be a challenge for veterans to transition into the civilian workforce, since hiring managers may not understand how their military skills are applicable. However, candidates who are veterans can be a major asset to both the public and private sectors, and especially the healthcare field. Learn more about the benefits of hiring veterans for your healthcare roles.


    • Company Mission and Core Values

Hiring veterans for your healthcare organization can help advance your company’s mission, particularly if its core values entail diversity and community support. Making it a priority to truly consider veteran candidates authentically builds and supports your company brand, so you’ll have a positive reputation among the public as a healthcare facility that cares about vulnerable populations and puts its values into action.

    • Strong Work Ethic

There is absolutely no tolerance of slacking while serving in the military. By hiring candidates who are veterans, you can feel confident that their military history will have instilled a strong work ethic in them, making them more likely to take their duties seriously if hired.

    • Attention to Detail

Having a background in the armed forces means that not following orders or making small mistakes could have significant or even deadly consequences. Because of this, veterans have a demonstrated background in paying attention to detail, a very crucial skill necessary for the healthcare field where errors can be costly to patients.

    • Calm Under Pressure

Working in healthcare is generally a fast-paced and often stressful environment. Not all candidates are equipped to deal with it, even if they have the best of intentions of wanting to work in healthcare and help people. On the other hand, veterans have learned through their military experience how to stay calm under pressure.

    • Tax Incentives

There are also financial benefits to hiring veterans, in the form of tax incentives. If new hires meet particular standards as set by the government, it can reduce the company’s amount of taxes owed. There are a variety of possible tax credit situations for hiring veterans, so work with an accountant to get tax advice for your veteran hiring circumstances.


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