Administrative roles are truly the backbone of any organization. Without them, the day-to-day won’t run smoothly and allow leadership won’t be able to focus on their high-level tasks. When you’re applying for administrative jobs, it’s crucial to put in the effort on your resume so hiring managers feel confident in giving you a chance to be considered. Make your administrative resume stand out to hiring managers by highlighting these key items:


    • Keywords

Hiring managers shouldn’t have to do the work to make the connection on whether you’re qualified, so they will quickly scan to look for keywords from the job description throughout your resume. This allows them to do a quick review and know right away if you’re a “maybe” or a “no.” Plus, as an administrative professional, clearly communicating information in documents is to be expected.

    • Metrics

Listing off your administrative job responsibilities on your resume only tells hiring managers what you were supposed to do, when what they want to see is how well you did them. Avoid bullet points in your administrative resume that solely describe tasks. Instead, focus on showcasing your performance with objective metrics, such as frequency of tasks, budgets, revenue, or other outcomes.

    • Tech Skills

Technology is the center of administrative roles, so ensure your experience working with technology tools are prominently displayed on your resume. Hiring managers are looking for evidence that you’re comfortable working with a variety of technology and adaptable to learning new software and systems.

    • Soft Skill

Administrative positions are often the first point of contact for an organization’s clients/customers. Plus, they also interact with other employees across departments. This is why hiring managers want to see evidence of your soft skills on your resume. This includes communication, interpersonal, time management, organization, and problem solving – traits that are essential to be a successful employee but can’t necessarily be taught.

    • Attention to Detail

Hiring managers are looking for your administrative resumes to demonstrate that you pay close attention to detail since that’s an essential part of the job. Proofread your resume to ensure it is error-free to show that you are conscientious of your work and take the opportunity seriously. After all, from the hiring manager’s perspective, if you would submit something as important as a resume without thoroughly proofreading it, they may be concerned about how careful you would be on other administrative tasks.


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