Employee attrition is to be expected as a normal part of doing business, but if employees are leaving at a higher rate than you like, it may be time to take a look inward. Keeping employees satisfied and committed to your organization isn’t necessarily about high salaries or fancy perks – it’s often about this one factor that may surprise you: Company culture. Learn more about how cultivating positive company culture can help reduce employee attrition.


    • Engagement

Employees who enjoy coming to work each day are more likely to become personally invested in their roles. A positive atmosphere, in which they feel their work is not only appreciated but serves a greater purpose, can help them feel more engaged with their work and less likely to up and leave.

    • Stress

Employees spend a significant amount of time at their workplace, so if there is a negative culture that is stress-inducing, they are likely to move on for their overall well-being. Building a company culture that focuses on maintaining a supportive atmosphere and encouraging of work-life balance will help keep stress, and its related attrition, at bay.

    • Teamwork

A group of coworkers within the same department/workplace does not necessarily make a team. Building a culture of collaboration, in which everyone’s voices are welcomed and truly considered, as well as support, in which colleagues truly feel like they are “in this together” gives your employees a sense of identity within their team and increases the likelihood of long-term retention.

    • Development

A culture that is built upon the importance of encouraging employees’ professional growth is among the most crucial aspects of preventing losing your best performers. If they don’t see a future for themselves at your company, they will go elsewhere to pursue their career goals. Training employees on new skills, offering chances to gain leadership experience, establishing a mentorship program, and promoting from within whenever possible, will demonstrate the company’s dedication to career development.

    • Burnout

A lack of work-life balance is not sustainable for employees in the long term. Taking the steps to develop a positive culture that prioritizes taking breaks and time off (as opposed to promoting a workaholic culture) will prevent perhaps the biggest killer of productivity, morale, and loyalty: burnout. Once employees reach that point of being physically overworked and mentally “over it”, it may be too late to turn things around and get them to stay.


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