From the warm and sunny weather to all the vacation plans, summer time can be a difficult time for employees to feel motivated to be in the office working. Since work still needs to be done, it’s essential to take steps to keep your employees on track this summer season. Keep employees focused during the summer with these tips:


  • Establish Open Communication

Be upfront with your employees about the situation. Let them know you understand the difficulty of staying on task during the summer, but that certain standards must be upheld. Make it a productive, two-way conversation and let them know you welcome their input on how to make it easier to focus.


  • Give Them a Compelling Incentive

Having a goal to strive toward makes it a bit easier and more enjoyable for your employees to focus on work during the summer. Give them a compelling incentive to maintain their motivation, such as a financial prize or even an extra day off, for anyone who successfully completes a particular goal.


  • Keep Morale Up

You may not be able to close up shop all summer long, but consider ways you can do things a bit more casually to keep morale up. For example, a more casual dress code or holding a meeting outside can make the time feel a bit more carefree and help prevent a decline in morale.


  • Be Understanding with Flexibility

Any perks you can add to the workplace during the summer will help your employees feel more valued and in turn, more likely to put effort into staying focused. Be understanding and offer flexibility with schedules as much as you can. For example, if you offer to let people leave early on Fridays in the summer, they’ll be more likely to squeeze in more work than they would otherwise.


  • Plan Something Fun

One of the main reasons employees have a hard time being as productive in the summer is because they hear about all of the fun activities others are partaking in, and feel extra bummed out when they’re stuck in the office. Instill a fun vibe in the office by planning some fun activities throughout the summer so your employees have something to look forward to, such as a catered lunch or potluck, a community service project, or a picnic or baseball outing.


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