Being a warehouse managers requires juggling quite a few extra tasks that managers in other industries don’t face. In addition to training and monitoring employees, you also have to systematically store and assess inventory, along with tracking and fulfilling client orders. Without a time management and workflow process put carefully in place, warehouses can quickly turn chaotic. Become a better warehouse manager with these six tips:


  1. Check in Regularly Face-to-Face

As hectic as the workdays can get in the warehouse, make it a priority to check in regularly with your employees face-to-face. This allows you to get progress updates, answer questions and give advice, and overall remain accessible to your team. Consistent face time establishes a trustworthy relationship between you and your employees, making them more likely to feel more personally invested in their work (even when you’re not around to directly supervise).


  1. Communicate Expectations Clearly

Whether you’re discussing warehouse matters with staff or clients, it’s crucial to communicate expectations as clearly as possible. Issues arise whenever assumptions are made, so avoid potential miscommunications by being direct with factors such as exact processes you want your employees to follow or expected timelines for deliveries for your clients. Never leave anything vague or open for interpretation, so everyone is on the same page.


  1. Focus on Safety Protocols

Often safety measures are ignored in a shortsighted attempt at saving time; however, ensuring the safety of your warehouse isn’t just an ethical and legal matter – it also increases productivity. Focusing on developing, implementing, and following safety protocols for your warehouse will prevent accidents and injuries that can leave you understaffed. Set aside time to go over protocol on a regular basis with training, signage, etc.


  1. Ask for Input

If you want to get to the core of your warehouse’s day-to-day workflow and processes, the best source of information is your employees. Ask for their input – they can provide the most informed responses and let you know what’s working and what’s not, so you can just adjust your management practices accordingly.


  1. Establish Systems

A well-organized warehouse with strategic processes in place ensures that orders can be fulfilled in a timely and accurate manner and employees aren’t wasting time trying to track down what they need or misplacing orders. Establish step-by-step systems for common tasks to ensure your warehouse is maintained in an orderly and intentional fashion.


  1. Stay Calm

The best thing you can do to set an example for your team is to maintain a positive attitude, especially during times of stress. The ability to stay calm and remain in control of your emotions, even when things go very wrong in the warehouse, makes you a stronger leader and helps your team learn how to focus on problem solving with a cool head, rather than get overwhelmed and make things worse.


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