Call center scripts are commonplace for a reason: They allow for consistency and efficiency while handling customer service issues. However, customer service isn’t just about time management – customers often don’t like call center scripts because it changes the very nature of the interaction and feels as impersonal as if they were talking to an automated message. Learn more about why customers may not respond as well to hearing a call center script.

  • Rapport

When call center agents follow a script, it makes it challenging for them to develop a connection with customers due to the lack of rapport. Since customers don’t feel like they are having an authentic conversation, in turn it can make them feel like they are not being truly listened to or respected as an individual.

  • Empathy

When customers are reaching out to your call center, it’s usually the result of an issue that is causing them inconvenience or frustration. Validation is crucial in helping customers – to those working in the call centers, their issue may be commonplace, but to the customers, it’s negatively impacting them. By following a script when talking to them, customer service representatives may come across as robotic and not feeling empathy toward their situation.

  • Clarification

The best way to successfully resolve customer issues is for agents to ask questions or repeat it back to ensure they thoroughly understand the details of the situation. If a script is followed, customers may be wary on just how well the call center rep is listening and worry that they are making assumptions that could lead to them being stuck on the line longer.

  • Individuality

A best practice for connecting with customers and serving them in a manner they find satisfactory is having call center reps simply adjust their tone or attitude to align with the customer, a process known as mirroring. This puts the customer at ease, and treats them like an individual, rather than simply talking at them with a script that assumes they’re all the same. An upbeat, personable customer may not respond to a script in the same manner as a shy, soft-spoken or angry customer.

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