When you’re just starting a job, it can take awhile to truly understand the culture there. But once you’ve gotten over your new job jitters and still don’t feel like you’re fitting in, it can make you lose confidence and question if you’re at the right place. Approach the issue with an objective mindset to determine how to improve it – learn more about what you should do if you don’t fit in at work.

  • Do Some Self-Reflection

Company culture can be complicated to wrap your head around, because there are so many factors (including intangible, hard to describe ones) that contribute to it. Rather than going off your gut feeling that you just don’t fit in, do some self-reflection to gain clarity on the main issues. What specific instances can you think of where you felt out of place? Define the problems objectively, so you can then focus on solutions.

  • Control What You Can

Once you have clearly identified what parts of the company culture you don’t fit in with, focus on what you can control as you develop solutions. It is futile to vent about what the company or your colleagues should be doing differently, so empower yourself and brainstorm specific actions you can take. For example, if no one invites you to lunches, a possible solution could be to be proactive and be the one to extend invitations.

  • Reach Out for Guidance

Unless your workplace is a truly toxic environment, it’s unlikely that your boss or colleagues want to push you out or make you feel uncomfortable. After all, your own manager hired you for a reason, and if they have not expressed any concerns about your performance or culture fit, they probably don’t want to risk losing you because of the difficulties fitting in. Don’t feel like you have to tackle the issue alone – reach out for guidance. Whether you want to bring a broader overview discussion with your boss, or ask a trusted mentor for advice, having an outside perspective can be beneficial.

  • Set Your Deal Breakers

Often issues with not fitting in at work gradually improve over time in an organic manner as you become accustomed to the culture and form connections with people. However, there is also the possibility that it could mean that the job is not right for you and you won’t ever be content there; therefore, you need to set your own personal deal breakers. If certain aspects don’t improve or you still feel the same after a predetermined length of time, then you may want to start job searching for a place that’s a better overall fit.

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