In the customer service field, nothing is more important than effective communication. When you’re managing a call center, communication can have its challenges since there are no visual cues to guide the conversation. Ensure your call center is providing the best service possible – check out these four better ways you can communicate with your customers.

  1. Let Go of the Formality

Communication tends to work better when both parties can let down their guards and speak in an authentic manner. While call centers understandably utilize scripts for common responses, encourage your team to drop the formal tone whenever possible. Avoid jargon or stilted phrasing, which can make customers feel like they are being spoken at, rather than with, and aim to be more inclusive and natural.

  1. Focus on Listening

Since call center representatives have the goal of being efficient, they may end up not actively listening but instead, thinking about what they’re going to say once the customer stops talking. The downside to this is they may miss the opportunity to establish a connection with the customer or not take in small, but important details. Focus on listening: slow down, give the caller full attention, and don’t jump to thinking of solutions until they are done.

  1. Mirror and Rephrase

By the time customers reach out to your call center, they may be in an emotionally heated state of mind from the frustration or stress of their issue. Communicating with upset customers can be tricky simply because they may not necessarily be ready for a productive conversation. Establish a connection that makes them more trustworthy of your call center’s intentions by mirroring the customer’s communication style (such as tone, tempo, or vocabulary), and rephrasing what they said. This can make their concerns feel validated, and creates a rapport conducive to problem solving.

  1. Put a Positive Spin

The choice of language used in a phone conversation is a subtle way to improve communication. Put a positive spin on what words and phrases are used during the customer interaction. For example, instead of saying, “This product is not available right now,” (negative), you could say, “This product will be available on XYZ date” (positive). This requires call center representatives to be more intentional monitoring their speech, but it can go a long way toward making customers feel more comfortable during calls.

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