Even the most qualified candidates may hurt their chances of landing jobs without realizing it. Job searching is a skill like any other that requires research and practice to hone. Ensure your effort pays off by avoiding common job search mistakes – here are four bad job searching habits you need to break today:

  1. Not Talking to People

If you go about your job search solo and tight-lipped, you’re likely to be wasting time and missing out on opportunities. Don’t remain silent about your job search – reach out to people in your professional network or at least, feel free to bring up your job search in casual conversations during social settings. You never know who may have job leads that are perfect for you or be able to give you a referral.

  1. Limiting Your Job Sources

Do you stick to the same general job boards? If so, you are certainly not alone – and that is precisely the problem. When you limit your job sources, not only could you not have access to the postings that are elsewhere, but you’re up against a lot of competition and may have a hard time standing out. Not to mention, you waste time filtering through excessive postings that may not be relevant or even legitimate. Expand your horizons and consider looking for jobs in different places, such as industry specific boards or working with a staffing firm.

  1. Submitting the Same Resume

Skipping out on tailoring your resume for each job you apply for may save you some time upfront, but you are not effectively highlighting your qualifications. Since most resumes are either filtered through a software system or only briefly scanned by human eyes, it’s crucial to take some time to make it crystal clear that you’re qualified. Rearrange bullet points to put the most relevant up top or focus on accomplishments that are the most relevant to the specific job posting.

  1. Being Inconsistent

If you want to make progress on your job search, you can’t leave your effort up to motivation or whenever you “have the time.” Timing plays such an integral part to landing a job because you never know when openings will become available or how quickly they’ll be filled. Make a commitment to consistency by creating a regular routine for your job search activities, so you’ll always be ready.

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