The employment market is constantly changing, and for your organization to remain competitive with attracting and retaining top talent, it’s crucial to keep on top of projected trends as you determine your strategic initiatives. Prepare to make 2019 a success! Check out these five employment trends you’ll see this year:

  1. Continued Low Unemployment Rates

2019 will continue the trend of low unemployment rates. This means hiring managers have to continue to work hard to strategically win over in-demand prospects; therefore, an increased effort will be needed to be put toward employer branding, crafting effective job postings, offering compelling compensation packages, and prioritizing the candidate experience.

  1. Focus on Company Values

Corporate ethics and social responsibility are growing in importance to professionals, but especially to the younger generations of workers. With social media and other online platforms, news of any improper actions by companies are easily accessible to candidates and can negatively impact its reputation. Clarify your company’s values and demonstrate its commitment to them through both internal policies and public action.

  1. Rise in Privacy Concerns

The usage of data collection has allowed organizations to increase productivity through automation and make more objective metric-based business decisions; however, this rise in big data is contributing to a rise in concerns about the privacy of that data. Whatever personal information you collect on candidates or employees, ensure the security of it is treated with the utmost care and abides by federal and state regulations.

  1. Professional Development and Mentoring

An employment trend that will continue to grow is the increased focus on offering opportunities for professional development and mentoring. As the “gig economy” subsection of the job market continues to grow, many younger professionals feel disposable and therefore, less committed to their employers. If you want top talent to feel loyal to your company, show you are invested in their future and help them grow professionally, so they don’t feel like it’s a dead end or they’ll be let go on a whim.

  1. Employee Wellness Initiatives

Employee burnout is a very real problem in the quest for maximum productivity. More and more employers are realizing the benefit of devoting resources to employee wellness initiatives. The physical, mental, and emotional health of employees greatly contributes to their performances and job satisfaction. The investment is employee wellness can also pay off by reducing absenteeism and healthcare costs.

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