Once you’ve finally made it to the point in your job search progress where your hard work is paying off and interview offers are coming your way, the pressure is on. You can alleviate some of your pre-interview jitters by being as prepared as possible and feeling more in control. Ace your interview by reviewing RPC’s job interview checklist:

  • Do Your Research

Review the company’s website, social media pages, and the job posting itself. Learn what you can about its mission, products/services, and other relevant information you can use to provide stronger responses.

  • Practice Your Key Points

Clarify your strengths and what makes you an ideal fit, then practice communicating them. This will help ensure you are able to effectively make your key points during the interview, even if you’re nervous.

  • Prepare Questions

Think of some questions you’ll want to ask, so come across as enthusiastic. Plus, you don’t draw a blank if you’re on the spot.

  • Get Directions to Location

Know exactly where the interview is located. Put the address into a navigation app, decide your route, and how long you’ll need to give yourself for driving and parking time.

  • Print Out Materials

Make copies of the materials you make need to refer to or hand out for your interview. This includes the job posting and extra copies of your resume.

  • Choose an Outfit

Select an outfit that is simple, professional, clean, and fits well. Take time to steam or iron it so it’s neat and wrinkle-free, then have everything hung up/laid out and ready to go.

  • Get Enough Sleep

Go to bed at a reasonably time the night before. Being alert and well-rested will put you in a better state to express yourself clearly.

  • Leave Early

Give yourself a time buffer and leave earlier than you think you need to, in the event of unforeseen circumstances. Plan to arrive at the interview 15 minutes before the scheduled time.

  • Power Off Phone

 Turn your phone off entirely before you walk into your interview. Don’t take the chance of thinking you set it to silent, but having it go off mid-interview.

  • Introduce Yourself

Nail the introduction to the interviewer to leave a great first impression. Make eye contact, smile, and give a firm handshake while introducing yourself and thanking them for meeting with you.

  • Say Thank You

Follow up after the interview and send a quick thank you email. Express your appreciation for their consideration and taking the time to meet with you.

RPC Company Will Help You Find Your Next Job!

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