It’s normal for employees to have their moments of venting or lacking motivation, but a pervasive negative attitude can take its toll.  Even if the work is getting done, low morale among your team can affect the factors that make your organization succeed, such as creativity, problem solving, and teamwork. Replace negative energy in your office in the new year with these tips to improve morale on your team:

  • Invite Their Input

Your employees’ negative attitude may stem from a feeling of frustration that no one cares what they think or will listen to their feedback. Let their voices be heard by inviting their input. Ask questions about changes they’d like to see in workflow processes, or how they thought a project went.

  • Facilitate Productive Conversation

When employees have been in the habit of being negative, they may not even realize they are doing it. Guide the conversation once it becomes unproductive. If employees are complaining, ask if they have ideas for possible solutions or if there are any positive aspects they could point out. Redirecting the conversation helps get them out of the cycle of cynicism that can be difficult to break.

  • Address Each Situation

Handle instances of negative behavior in real time whenever possible. If you wait to address them as an overall pattern, your feedback may seem vague and not be really comprehended by your employees. It doesn’t have to be a formal meeting – simply pull them aside or send a quick note about their behavior, and suggestions on how to handle it differently in the future.

  • Offer Positive Reinforcement

Only acknowledging your employees’ negativity can backfire. It’s reasonable to simply expect them to act in a professional manner and not purposely bring down morale, but it can lead them to feel like their positive behavior isn’t noticed or appreciated. When your employees exhibit positive change and implement your feedback, offer positive reinforcement through a compliment or other incentive.

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