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If you want to jump start your job search now, you don’t have to wait until after the holidays. It’s a common misconception that job searches during the end of the year are pointless. Sure, hiring managers may be out of the office a bit more, but there’s still plenty of groundwork you can put in now that will start your job search off stronger than if you waited until after the holidays. Learn more about why year-end is the best time to start your job search:


  • Opportunities to Network

The holiday season comes with more opportunities than usual to socialize, with parties and other holiday-related events. If you start your job search now, this gives you the perfect opportunity to get out there and start networking. When you’re making conversation, you can let people know you’re job searching – you never know who will have a job lead or be able to give you a referral.


  • More Free Time

Take advantage of the days off you have during the holiday season by getting your job search going now, instead of waiting until the new year starts. You’ll be able to focus and tackle the preliminary, yet time-consuming parts of the initial job search process, such as working on your resume and updating your LinkedIn profile.


  • Getting Ahead of the Competition

The very fact that so many people think that job searching at the end of the year is pointless makes it an ideal time to get started. While other job seekers are killing time and putting off their job search, you’ll be primed and ready. Even if there aren’t job postings, by the time they’re available in the new year, you’ll be ahead of the competition and have all your materials ready to go and able to apply quickly.


  • New Annual Hiring Budgets

It’s true that many organizations aren’t hiring at the end of the year, since it’s likely they don’t have room in their annual budgets left. However, January is when they get their new annual hiring budgets and are ready to start filling in the gaps they dealt with at year-end. If you start your job search now, you’ll be top of mind and able to strike as soon as hiring managers are ready.


Get your job search off to a successful start and find new opportunities by turning to the RPC Company. As a staffing firm that works with Dallas/Fort Worth area employers, we focus on connecting candidates with the available positions that are right for them. Search our available jobs to get started finding your next opportunity.


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