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During the holiday season, many employees are juggling work and personal obligations, making it difficult for them to give their all. As understandable as it may be for motivation to wane a bit, there is work that still needs to be done. Fortunately, you can get your employees on task, while still respecting their work-life balance (and without having to act like a total Scrooge!) Keep your workers focused during the holidays with these tips:


  • Plan for Coverage

Prevent falling behind on workload by planning ahead as much as possible. Request that employees submit requests for time off by a certain deadline, so you know what to expect. Determine how much coverage you will need, and if the work can reasonably be spread out among your employees. If not, consider working with a staffing agency and utilizing temporary employees for the holiday season.


  • Discuss Expectations

Avoid letting your employees sink too far into a holiday season slump by being upfront with open communication. Compromise by focusing only on the top priorities that are absolutely essential, and discuss clear expectations you need from them. Let them know you understand that the holiday season means more time off and less motivation to be grinding at work, but the non-negotiable top priorities need to be met.


  • Offer a Year-End Incentive

Spark some motivation during the holiday work slump by giving your employees something appealing to work toward. Offering incentives, such as earning extra paid time off for working on the most coveted days off or a prize to win for achieving a particular goal by year-end, can boost employee engagement. Plus, it’s better for morale than being overly rigid – more may get done, but it could come at the cost of job satisfaction and your relationship with your employees.


  • Incorporate Holiday Cheer

Embrace the holiday season and add some festivity to the workplace to help keep morale up. Employees will be more inclined to be engaged and do their work if they get to break up the monotony with some fun. Incorporate holiday cheer by having some decorations, hosting a lunch or bringing in treats, etc. If the office is festive, employees may not feel like they’re missing out so much on holiday fun and won’t dread being at work.


  • Recognize Their Effort

The holiday season tends to be a time of reflection on the important things in life, so ensure your employees know they are appreciated and valuable by recognizing their effort. A simple but sincere “thank you” can make your team feel like they serve a purpose and their work has meaning, which makes it easier for them to stay focused than if they feel taken for granted.

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