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Your employees’ hard work each day is what keeps your call center running smoothly and your customers satisfied. And although they are being compensated for their effort, going out of your way to express your appreciation for your employees can increase morale, job satisfaction, retention, and productivity. Show you’re grateful for your employees’ hard work with these five ideas:


  • Bring In Food or Treats

Everyone has to eat, but it’s even better when your employees don’t have to pay or plan for it. Recognize your employees going above and beyond by bringing in catered lunch or some sweet treats. Not only does it show your appreciation, but it’s a nice way to build morale by everyone sharing food and socializing together.


  • Create Opportunities for Them to Shine

If you’re grateful for all that your employees do to help accomplish company objectives, return the favor. Offer them chances to take on tasks they enjoy or that will help them advance professionally, and be consistently thinking of ways to create opportunities for them to shine.


  • Recognize Them Publicly

Spread the word about just how great your employees are by recognizing them publicly. Whether it’s an actual event or simply a mass internal email, your employees will be able to tell you’re genuine in your appreciation for them and feel valued.


  • Show Interest in Them

Making employees feel valued doesn’t always have to be about big gestures. In fact, often it’s the small things, like asking about their families or acknowledging their life events, which are the most effective. Show interest in your employees as people, and they will know you respect and appreciate them.


  • Make it Personal

Extend compliments to your employees to outright communicate that you are grateful for their hard work. However, to really have it sink in, be as specific as possible. Make your feedback personal to each employee. Instead of a “You’ve been doing really great work lately and I truly appreciate it,” go with something more tailored to them with details, such as “You handled that rude customer like a pro, and I’m truly impressed.”


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