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Looking for a new job can cause anxiety for many people, from the fear of change, being rejected, or just not succeeding. However, your job search doesn’t have to be scary if you empower yourself by taking the time to prepare a strategy. Take the fear out of your job search and feel more confident with these classic tips.


  • Use the Same Keywords and Phrases

Hiring managers may only glance at your resume for mere seconds at first. Make it crystal clear, even in a preliminary scan, that you have the basic qualifications and should be moved to the “maybe” pile. Use the same keywords and phrases in your resume that are in the job listing. Being direct and to the point is more important than trying to use fancy vocabulary.


  • Stick to a Plan

Consistency is key when pursuing any goal, but it’s especially important when you’re job searching. Timing is everything with hiring, and if you only job search sporadically, you may miss out on pursuing the jobs in which you’re interested. Create a set routine for job searching, such as devoting certain days to reviewing openings, applying, or networking, and stick to it.


  • Don’t Rely on One Method

You never know how you will find a job, so improve your chances of success by expanding your search methods. Don’t just review the same job boards over and over. Research to find new sources online, reach out to staffing agencies, and ask around to your personal and professional contacts. Mix it up with online and in-person networking. Relying on one method significantly limits your opportunities.


  • Tweak Your Resume Each Time

Once you have crafted your standard resume, the work is not done. You should never submit the exact same resume for every job for which you apply, as certain skill sets or experience may be more relevant to some jobs than others. Each time you apply for a position, take some time to tweak your resume so it best highlights your qualifications for the particular job. This may mean rearranging the order of your bullet points or eliminating unrelated ones.


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