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Job interviews are intended to help you uncover a candidate’s likelihood of success, but often the standard questions don’t touch on the true value they would provide. Avoid surface level canned responses that don’t truly shed insight into their work ethic, performance, and skills by crafting your questions in a way to dig deeper. Here are four questions to ask candidates that show their true value:


  1. Why are you interested in this particular role?

The employees that provide the most value are often the ones who are actively interested in the specific position, not the ones who are casting a wide net and hoping for any opportunity to materialize. The responses to this interview question can give you a sense if candidates are passionate and likely to be engaged in the work.


  1. When have you made a mistake or failed?

Candidates who display self-awareness are more likely to be open to the type of constructive feedback that will make them grow professionally and become a true asset. Aim to learn how candidates own up to their past mistakes, how they handled it, and what they learned from it. Be on the lookout for any signs of them blaming others or not even admitting to real failures.


  1. How would you handle this common issue?

The most fundamental qualification is the ability to perform the tasks of a role in an effective manner without being micromanaged. Come up with a common issue that is likely to arise in the position in question, and find out how the candidate would handle it. You’ll gain insight into how proactive they are at problem solving and working autonomously.


  1. How did you prepare for this interview?

Even highly skilled and experienced candidates may not provide true value if they don’t also possess professionalism. Inquiring into the process they used to prepare for the interview can show how seriously they take the opportunity and their level of conscientiousness and work ethic. After all, if they aren’t at the peak of preparedness when the stakes are at their highest during an interview, it’s likely they will be even less so once they are hired and more comfortable.


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