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Branding is a term used in marketing, and refers to the practice of strategically highlighting what makes a company, product, or service different from its competitors. However, branding isn’t just for businesses – it can be utilized for your job search and other career goals. Building a strong personal brand means determining what makes you unique, and using all opportunities (such as social media, website, etc.) to convey that message. Learn more about how a strong personal brand will help you get a job:


  • Visibility

When you’re competing against a sea of other candidates, anything you can do to make yourself memorable and stand out to hiring managers is a plus. Taking the time to build a personal brand will increase your visibility when hiring managers are screening candidates, and help you stick in their minds.


  • Skills and Expertise

Resumes say what you can do, while having a strong personal brand actually shows what you can do. Your social media, website, or online portfolio offer more opportunity to showcase your skills and expertise to hiring managers and make them more likely to take you seriously.


  • Level of Professionalism

When deciding between similarly qualified candidates, hiring managers may feel more confident if they have a sense of what you would be like as an employee. Building a personal brand can demonstrate a higher level of professionalism, such as through writing effectively and appropriately interacting with others.


  • What Makes You Different

The main question you should aim to answer for hiring managers is: “What makes you different from everyone else?” Essentially you need to convey why you are uniquely qualified to be the optimal fit to the role. If you use your personal brand to highlight interesting information about yourself, such as a particular specialty or accomplishment, you’ll have a competitive advantage.


  • Character Traits

Culture fit is a major factor when hiring managers are deciding between candidates. A strong personal brand that is authentic and showcases your personality and voice allows hiring managers to immediately get a feel for who you are and if you would fit in with the current culture of their workplace.


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