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Fall may just be approaching, but don’t make the mistake of thinking you have a lot of time before you have to start thinking about holiday seasonal staffing. Seasonal workers are in-demand, and the top prospects may be committed elsewhere if you wait too long to start recruiting. Get a head start on staffing for the holidays with these tips:


  • Determine Your Needs Early On

Narrow down your specific holiday staffing needs so you can focus your efforts on recruiting the right candidates at the optimal level. Clarify exactly what you’re looking for in terms of purpose (extra help versus vacation coverage), number of employees, duties, schedules, and crucial skills or traits. This brainstorming will provide you a clear vision of how to attract and evaluate prospects.


  • Write Clear Job Descriptions

Prevent wasting your time and that of candidates by writing job descriptions that are direct, but thorough. This will prevent any miscommunication from candidates who may not understand that the job is temporary, or may apply without realizing the schedule won’t work. Be as clear as possible when you write job descriptions for seasonal work so you deter those who aren’t qualified and save yourself time and stress.


  • Request Referrals

Your best source for candidates for your seasonal positions may be quite literally right in front of you: your current staff. No one knows the culture and duties better than they do. Tap into their networks by requesting they refer their connections who are interested and would be a good fit. If possible, provide an incentive for successful referrals so they are invested in making thoughtful recommendations.


  • Focus on Proper Vetting

Since temporary employees are with you for such a short period of time, it’s crucial to vet them properly to ensure they have what it takes to acclimate quickly and be productive. As you’re assessing candidates, ask questions to evaluate their abilities to pick up new things, their work ethic, and overall attitude and social skills.


  • Prioritize Effective Onboarding

For your seasonal employees to truly provide value and be a worthwhile investment, prioritize their onboarding experience. When time is of the essence, casually providing information as it comes to you or waiting for them to “pick it up” on their own is too risky. Instead, create an onboarding plan with documentation that is specifically geared toward your temporary employees so they can get up to speed quickly and have easy reference material for common questions or issues.


Kick off your seasonal staffing by finding temporary employees with the help of the RPC Company.  Since 2002, the RPC Company has been striving to meet the professional needs of employers in the Dallas/Fort Worth region and beyond. We focus on providing the personalized service to help our clients find qualified candidates that fit their business needs. Contact RPC Company to learn more.


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